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“I’m an alien… I’m a legal alien…”

It’s a very strange day to be a Brit living abroad. I feel a little bit like I’m free floating, waiting for someone to tell me what to do next.

The polls have just closed on the ‘Brexit’ – the referendum as to whether or not Britain should leave the European Union. My mind boggles at the fact that this vote even took place – it seems like the kind of isolationist, nationalist idea that should have died out 100 years ago. Yet as I look at politics, in Britain, Europe and here in the USA, I see more and more xenophobic, isolationist politics. That’s a more in depth conversation though, and for another time.

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This hurts.

So I’ve been living in the USA for over two years now, and I’ve clearly neglected my writing commitment. With the husband away on business, I’d been mulling over a few things about the good old US of A that still baffle me. I’d mentally drafted a mildly amusing ‘only in America’ post that I was planning to sit down with a pot of coffee and and tease America about its silly and strange habits.

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Love won last Friday, just in time for Pride. Many more eloquent people than I have talked about how awesome this is, as well as how it’s far from the end in the fight for LGBT rights. So I won’t do that here. I will just share a few photos from the Capitol Hill PrideFest.

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One year in. . .

I swear, I didn’t forget I started this blog.

Just before Christmas, during an unnecessarily drunken evening, an American friend admonished me for not writing this blog anymore, and that this was a shame. And although I may disagree with him on the importance of corporate social responsibility, he was right about this. I enjoy writing – I always have. There’s something cathartic about putting my thoughts onto a page, and although most of the internet is indifferent there’s a handful of family and friends who are interested. So why haven’t I written in so long?

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Falling asleep . . . .

There really is no point in me starting a journal and not writing in it for months. There are lots of thoughts swirling around in my head that I want to get on paper, but to be honest, I’m tired. I’ve been working, studying, exploring and accidentally getting my husband hooked on Grey’s Anatomy. So there are things of mild interest and musings to share, but not tonight.

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So… where you from?

I’ve spent the last week in Bath, England, testing psychological theories with a bunch of rather fabulous people. It’s been a truly amazing experience, but it got me thinking about a few things.
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How to make enemies and isolate people.

I have never been very good at making friends. No, don’t feel sorry for me. Although I can be gregarious and engaging, I can also be prickly and stubborn. I spent a lot of my childhood and teenage years not really having any close friends, or having anyone I could trust, or who I knew would always be there for me. Half the reason I (rather rashly) moved to Dublin at 18 was because I didn’t know a soul in the whole country. I could leave behind the rather lonely past, and find people who actually liked me.

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