So I’ve been living in the USA for over two years now, and I’ve clearly neglected my writing commitment. With the husband away on business, I’d been mulling over a few things about the good old US of A that still baffle me. I’d mentally drafted a mildly amusing ‘only in America’ post that I was planning to sit down with a pot of coffee and and tease America about its silly and strange habits.

And then I woke up yesterday to the news from Orlando. To the kind of mass shootings that only happen in America – and the worst mass shooting in this nation’s history. To a homophobic, terrorist attack. To certain news outlets claiming that the largest single attack against the LGBTQ community since the Holocaust wasn’t ‘directly targeting’ the LGBTQ community despite the fact that the shooter drove 90miles to attack a gay club (Stay classy, Sky News). To sadness, and anger, and pain.

I don’t have the heart to laugh at this country when it hurts. Luckily, you’re not missing much, my humour only really gets laughs from under 6’s.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.