I swear, I didn’t forget I started this blog.

Just before Christmas, during an unnecessarily drunken evening, an American friend admonished me for not writing this blog anymore, and that this was a shame. And although I may disagree with him on the importance of corporate social responsibility, he was right about this. I enjoy writing – I always have. There’s something cathartic about putting my thoughts onto a page, and although most of the internet is indifferent there’s a handful of family and friends who are interested. So why haven’t I written in so long?

Honestly, I think I might hibernate. I don’t function well when I’m not warm enough, I can sleep for EVER, and I do really like getting cozy.

I could also say that things are different for me now. I started writing this when I’d just moved over – I was exploring a lot, and couldn’t work because of bureaucracy, and was generally confused a lot. But I’ve been living in Seattle for over a year now. I no longer look the wrong way when I cross the road. When someone tells me that they live in Burien, I don’t just pull a confused face until they explain themselves. I know why everyone keeps talking about Bertha. I’m settled in here, and perhaps that means I’ve got nothing left to say.

The simpler – and more honest – explanation is this – I’ve been busy. I now have a job (technically two, but one of them doesn’t count) and my study load has cranked back up to “too many hours a week”. I do have time, I just tend to use it for other things.

In fact, I have possibly hit the point of having too many things to do. I have a cognitive psychology report that I’m avoiding, and an exam to revise for, and laundry to fold, and I think it’s my turn to do dinner. So, like any great procrastinator with a deadline, I’m finding other things to do – like skyping my mum for two hours, and attempting to finishing a craft project, and figuring out how to french plait my hair (I can’t do it. My lack of coordination wins again). And so, with exams and deadlines looming, I find myself returning, tail between my legs, to the procrastination project I started long ago.

I wish I had something smart or interesting to say about the headline image, but I just found it on the internet and think it pretty much sums things up. I would probably put “Fraiser” in the free space in the middle, but that’s just because my love of farcical 90’s sitcoms knows no bounds.