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July 2016

Immigrant woes

I have half a post waiting to be written. It’s about trains, and my love of Amtrak and the National Parks Service. But that’s going to have to wait.

Today, I had an appointment with a USCIS (US citizenship and immigration service) about my employment authorisation document (EAD). This is the little – but oh so important – card that says I’m allowed to work in the USA. I’ve mentioned my troubles with this before; as my application had been pending for more than 90 days, I was advised by the immigration lawyers that I could make an appointment in person, and plead my case for expedited processing. It was a long shot, they said – but I had nothing to lose.

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All change on the Westminster front.

Today, the UK gets a new prime minister: Theresa May. I’ve said earlier that I’m pretty ambivalent about this – I want to see more women in positions of power around the world, but does it really have to be *this* woman? When I was born, Britain had a female prime minister – and she was a pretty hideous woman, whose death lead to the song “Ding Dong the Witch is dead” resurfacing in the UK charts.

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Holding on.

I really needed a win today.

I’m still in employment limbo, to the extent that some of my clients are being reassigned. Which means that even when I *can* go back to work, my hours will be cut, and I won’t get to see some of my kiddos. Which sucks for them and for my colleagues as I screw around with their schedules. And there’s the whole not-earning-money thing, which is a problem when you live in Seattle. Without a defined end in sight, I just feel stuck.

The nation I live in and the nation I come from still feel fractured beyond repair.

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