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The weight of history.

Different people want different things from travel – nature, culture, nightlife, history. When I travel, I like to understand a bit of the social history – how people lived, that kind of thing. So it is perhaps inevitable that we made the decision to visit a slave plantation while in Louisiana.

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Springtime in Alaska

Did you know, gentle reader, that Obama is in Alaska right now, renaming mountains (and angering Ohioans) and being the first sitting president to visit the US Arctic (thanks, NPR)? Of course you did, you’re smart people. You probably don’t know that my in-laws are there as well – if you do, I’m a little concerned.

But right now, I want to tell you about MY trip to Alaska. This trip report is only about. . . 6 months late. Ooops. But read on, if you’re interested in our experiences in America’s final frontier and the hunt for the Northern Lights.

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Adventures in the Cascades

Last weekend, we decided to go camping, hiking, and generally adventuring in the Northern Cascades – part of the mountain range that goes from British Columbia through Washington, Oregon, and ending up in Northern California, and includes Mount St. Helens, Mount Ranier and Mount Baker (yes, I did check Wikipedia for the details).

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